Grip Magenta Nebula (colourful)

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PopSockets offer a secure grip for texting, snapping the perfect selfie and propping your phone up to catch the latest video. Just pop and expand one whenever you need a grip or stand for those brilliant pix, videos or posts. Add one or more to the back of almost any mobile device to transform its capabilities.

With the PopSockets Mount companion product, they attach to nearly any vertical surface for convenient hands-free viewing, including dashboards, mirrors, bed posts, refrigerators and walls. Whether you place PopSockets on your Nintendo 3DS for gaming, your GoPro for a supplemental grip underwater, or on your bedroom mirror to hang jewelry, the possibilities are endless.

  • Just pop and expand onto your portable device

  • New swappable design – instantly remove and replace the PopTop to change your style

  • Functions as a stand for watching media, or a grip for taking the perfect pix

  • Use one or more at the same time

  • Use to create your own earphone management system

  • Use to hold your tablet or e-reader

  • Sticks to most typical devices and cases

  • With the Mount companion attachable to any vertical surface

  • Can be washed and reattached

  • Available in various themes and colors  

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