CaseFriendly Anti-Bluelight AB (black)

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PanzerGlass delivers category-leading screen protection made of robust tempered glass and now also comes with extra features such as blue-light protection and an antibacterial coating. A blue-light blocking layer protects the eyes by softening the emitted by screens. While using the phone after dark, blue light can be perceived by the brain as daytime, thus disrupting normal sleep patterns. The anti-blue-light glass will appear slightly darker than the original PanzerGlass.

This edge-to-edge premium glass covers the whole screen and is case-friendly. PanzerGlass is perfectly tailored to fit your device and optimized to maintain its full functionality. The edges are rounded, and the surface features an anti-fingerprint and antibacterial oleophobic coating. Your screen is protected against drops and other impacts while its touch response is perfectly maintained.

  • Anti-blue-light premium tempered glass screen protector

  • Edge-to-edge & case friendly

  • Crystal clear

  • Shock and scratch resistant 

  • Anti-fingerprint oleophobic layer

  • Antibacterial: proven to kill up to 99.99 % of most common surface bacteria

  • 100% touch-response preservation

  • Rounded edges

  • Easy installation 

Compatible with:

  • Apple
  •  iPhone 12 mini

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