UNIVERSAL GRIP&STAND Size L (silver colored)

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Use your phone better with this universal, multifunctional phone grip & stand from CLCKR. Get a firmer hold on your device and multiple viewing positions for when you want to give your hands a break. CLKR is thin and stylish, adding no bulk to your device. It prevents phone dropping & tired hands. The application is easy thanks to its 3M adhesive, which does not leave any residue behind. Take the perfect selfie, facetime all night or binge-watch your favorite series. The possibilities are endless.

CLKR comes in two sizes: S (35 x 97.5 mm) and L (35 x 113 mm). Choose the right one for your device, depending on the position of its camera. 

  • Patented universal grip & stand for smartphones or tablets

  • Prevents phone dropping and tired hands

  • Clickable into cinema, selfie and portrait mode

  • Practical 2-mode stand for watching media and facetiming

  • Ideal for one-hand smartphone use

  • Reusable 3M adhesive for a residue-free attachment

  • Compatible with wireless charging

  • Sizes: S (35 x 97.5 mm) and L (35 x 113 mm)

Compatible with:

  • Universal
  •  Universal

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