Sport Pace Wireless (black)

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Jabra Sport Pace are wireless sports headphones with superior sound and a secure fit. You can enjoy up to 5 hours of music or talk time with an easy transition from listening to music to making and receiving calls. The easy connectivity to your Android or Apple iOS smartphone will give you the wireless freedom that you are looking for. Jabra Sport Pace has a rapid charge feature, allowing you to charge up your headphones while you get ready for your workout: 15 minutes of charging provides you with 60 minutes of battery life.

With the integrated training app, Jabra Sport Life gives you motivational training tips and allows you to plan, monitor and evaluate your training. Thanks to the ergonomic design, Jabra Sport Pace has incredibly light and comfortable headphones that won’t fall out or hurt your ears. Find your perfect fit with the three sets of EarGels included that are guaranteed to lock in and stay securely in place during your workout. Weighing a mere 22 grams (0.77 oz), you’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing headphones at all. Jabra Sport Pace headphones are sweat, shock and weather resistant with an IP54 rating. They come with a 3-year limited warranty against failure from sweat damage (registration required**). The reflective cord helps make you visible when running at night.

  • Wireless sports headphones

  • Buetooth 4.1

  • 5 hours of music or talk time

  • Quick charge: 15 minutes of charging provides you with 60 minutes of battery life

  • On-demand pace guidance

  • Perfect and secure fit

  • 3-year warranty against sweat** (sweat, shock and weather-resistant with an IP54 rating)

  • Sport Life™ app: plan, track and evaluate your workout

  • Three sets of EarGels

  • Weight: 22 grams (0.77 oz)

Compatible with:

  • Bluetooth 4.0

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