Cable Combo mUSB/USB C 2.0/Lightn. to USB A 100cm (black)

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Mobile modern marvels: let’s face it, we are at their whim. We never leave the house without them, selfies, getting from A to B, or even daily updates of your latest culinary adventures - all of which would be impossible without your handheld miracle worker. But believe it or not, even “they” have a weakness. They all need juice and they all need to stay connected. So say hello to the XQISIT’s Combo Cable USB to micro USB / Lightning. No need to rub your eyes - you read right. The Combo Cable features a USB sync that can be easily interchanged between a micro USB or Lightning connection. This makes it a very versatile and practical accessory for those of us like to carry multiple gadgets at once. Now you can say goodbye to frustrating low-battery notifications of doom and mobile apocalyptic scenarios.

  • USB to microUSB/Lightning/USB Type C

  • Charge & sync

  • Suitable for Lightning compatible devices

Compatible with:

  • Lightning 1.0A
  • Lightning 2.1A
  • USB Typ C

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