Real Glass (clear)

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What words come to mind when you think about glass? Fragile and breakable? Think again. The Displex Real Glass protector is extremely tough and resilient and has an impressive 10H hardness. The tempered glass protector is both ultra-thin and extremely robust, being capable of withstanding the most common accidents a smart device is likely to suffer. Perfectly transparent in Ultra HD quality, it ensures ideal screen usability and high color fidelity. With the Displex tempered glass screen protector, you have crystal-clear and highly efficient protection against scratches and impact.

  • Maximum scratch protection with 10H hardness

  • Reliable protection against shocks and impacts

  • Easy-On® fuss- and air bubble-free application

  • Perfect transparency in Ultra HD quality

  • Perfect touch and scroll features (3D- and Multi-Touch)

  • Rounded edges for comfortable scrolling

  • 0,33mm thin glass

  • Shatter-free and absolutely safe (tempered glass does not break into sharp pieces

For over 20 years, Displex has been producing high-quality display protectors for mobile devices. By blending self-engineered, high-grade materials, cutting-edge laser technology and their own patented Easy-On® application system, Displex is able to create display protection that matches your device’s screen with 100% accuracy. Tradition and innovation combined have a name: Displex. 

Compatible with:

  • Huawei
  •  P20

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