Pro Standing Touch Book Case (black)

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The Roxfit Standing Touch Book Case takes style, protection, and functionality to a whole new level. It incorporates a touch-sensitive front cover which allows you to view and interact with your Xperia XZ1 handset when the case is closed! Use it to answer phone calls, interact with notifications, read and type messages and so much more. The case has a horizontal stand function which is perfect for watching films on the move or interacting with your handset in a convenient horizontal stand. This season is all about color - so the inner shell of the Xperia XZ1 Standing Touch Book Case will match your Black, Silver or Blue handset perfectly! The case is “Made for Xperia” certified and tested for the ultimate peace of mind.

  • Touch sensitive folio case with adjustable horizontal and vertical viewing angle

  • Soft touch color-matched outer shell

  • View and interact with handset when the case is closed

  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort

  • “Made for Xperia” certified

Compatible with:

  • Sony
  •  Xperia XZ1

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