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They say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. With the Phantom we wanted to make something that would resonate with this principle. The Phantom stays true to its name by taking a step back and revealing your phone’s design and true colors. Its crystalline body holds a series of features all geared towards protecting your phone with the added perk of full disclosure. The devil is in the details. Co-molded being the operative word. A scratch resistant, co-molded, PC plate is set over a soft TPU lining for critical impact protection. The real magic however is in the co-molded TPE frame. It features a perforated structure that optimizes impact absorption, deflecting it away from your precious iPhone. A raised bumper gives you that extra edge against the most common abrasions while a screen guard shields your phone’s screen keeping it free smudges and scratches. Your phone, unbound.

  • Display protector shields your phone's screen from scratches

  • Soft TPU bumper with bubble structure shields your phone from drops and falls

  • Black camera ring ideal for photos using flash

  • Robust, durable PC back for improved impact protection

  • Premium grade TPE frame for enhanced shock absorption

  • Raised dual frame for dispersing force more efficiently

  • Transparent back plate reveals your phone's original design

Compatible with:

  • Apple
  •  iPhone 7 Plus
  •  iPhone 8 Plus

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